About us

Our cattery specializes in persian cats, silver shaded, chinchilla and golden, recognized in FiFe CFA, works for about 20 years to get the best exemplaries. All comes in a special moment of my life, when I was recommended a kitten for a pet therapy. Lulù rappresents the first contact I had with a cat and it was true love. I filled my life with her, a unique and memorable relationship, and it is she who brought me to this.
Today I reap the benefits of that first meeting that gave me an indescribable emotions after which I was able to combine sensations beneficial, experience and expertise.The members of the breeding are PICASSO BRUNO, Brumar Cattery, and SIUMARA MELITI, Lion Blanc Cattery. 


Special people are those who do not stop to support us every day. Special thanks to the great love of my life, my granddaughter VALENTINA, who has always supported me and helped me with great passion and dedication in this adventure since his early age. Special thanks go to my friend, and veterinary, MARIA CRITELLI of Caffarella Clinic in Rome, to be always available and giving us her support and her professionalism.