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Our view of farming is very different from what we usually think.
We consider our daily cats as family members, free in home.
We do not breed for profit but only and exclusively for the pleasure of seeing these little creatures grow and of course to get more and more kittens selected.
We obtained significant results in recent years around the world and from all associations. Our cats have contributed to making known this particular and difficult kind of Persian and their subsequent appreciation of many other breeders.
For us it is important to have care and respect for animals and is challenging and rewarding teaching love towards them, to fully understand the fullness of the union between humans and cats. Everything begins about 20 years ago and since then we have dedicated heart and soul to these wonderful specimens, having way to observe the characteristics and behavior.

In our mission, the priorities are: the health and wellbeing of our cats, their beauty, our satisfaction in the pleasure of having them near us.